Lynch Mob: 30 Best 'Twin Peaks' Characters

From Laura Palmer to the Log Lady, these were the residents of David Lynch's otherwordly series that turned 'Twin Peaks' into a TV landmark

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Catherine Martell
CBS Photo Archive13/30

13. Catherine Martell

Whatever else Twin Peaks was, it was a nighttime network soap opera -- you can hear echoes of Dallas' "Who shot J.R.?" in "Who killed Laura Palmer?" And in Catherine Martell, you have the Pacific Northwest's answer to Joan Collins on Dynasty. Piper Laurie played her as an exercise in high bitchery, as if Catwoman had settled down and ran a lumber empire. Catherine made a convincing foil and lover for top creep Ben Horne, kept the tangential storylines fun to watch, and bore her second-season indignities (like going undercover as a Japanese businessman...WTF?) better than anyone else on the show.

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