Lynch Mob: 30 Best 'Twin Peaks' Characters

From Laura Palmer to the Log Lady, these were the residents of David Lynch's otherwordly series that turned 'Twin Peaks' into a TV landmark

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Audrey Horne
CBS Photo Archive5/30

5. Audrey Horne

The pilot wasn't even over before young Audrey Horne danced her way across the lineoleum floor of the Double R Diner and into the annals of TV chic. Iconically glamorous and sophisticated, Audrey seemed to effortlessly inhabit a cool-girl role that Shelly, Donna, and Laura could never access, and was key to the show's crazysexycool pop appeal. But her dangerous investigations into the underside of Twin Peaks, and her crush on and admiration for Agent Cooper, revealed a person as vulnerable – and good-hearted – as anyone on the show.

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