25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2017

From superhero sitcoms to dystopia-lit adaptations, new 'Star Trek' to new 'Twin Peaks' – here's what you'll be watching this year

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'Nirvanna the Band the Show'

Viceland, Feb. 2
Let's say you're two Canadian musicians who are desperate to book a show at Toronto's legendary club the Rivoli: How do you nab that make-or-break gig? Most folks would, you know, hone their craft. If you're Matt Johnson and Jay McCarrol, you give your band a well-known name (not that extra "N," added for legal purposes) and do whatever you can to attract attention, i.e. bum-rush a Christmas parade and make a cause a kerfuffle at the Sundance Film Festival, among other shenanigans. The popular Web series gets a small-screen upgrade, courtesy of Viceland; if you like a kinder, gentler Borat-style of guerilla comedy, you're about to find yourself in a seven-letter word for "a transcendent state." DF

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