25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2017

From superhero sitcoms to dystopia-lit adaptations, new 'Star Trek' to new 'Twin Peaks' – here's what you'll be watching this year

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Hulu, Mar. 29
We've already been gifted this year with two mangy, maverick-antihero historical dramas (FX's Taboo and Netflix's Frontier) drenched in filth and testosterone – now comes their welcome feminine counterpart. Set squarely in a late-18th century London where "one in five women makes a living selling sex, this British import focuses on a brothel run by a steel-fisted Samantha Morton. The entire creative team, from showrunners to writers and directors, are female, and the executive producers have said that they were intent on making a series about capitalism and social constraints "from the whore's eye view." And there's enough make and female nudity in the pilot alone to make the Game of Thrones folks blush. DF

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