25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2016

From true-crime recreations to the return of 'Game of Thrones,' here's what we can't wait to watch this year

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'The Walking Dead' Season 6.5 (February 14th)
Gene Page/AMC23/25

'The Walking Dead' Season 6.5 (February 14th)

When we last we left our merry band of zombie-apocalypse survivors, they were slowly making their way through a walker herd, hoping the smell of corpse guts would help them escape certain death. Whether the back half of Season Six picks up right where the midseason premiere left off or not — though we're assuming they'll want to get them out of that particular pickle asap — we're anxious to see what's in store for Rick & co. especially since one of the books' big bads, Negan, got namedropped during the last pre-break episode. We expect thrills, chills, some fan-favorites actually dying [ahem] and more rotting, shambling cadavers than you can shake Michonne's katana at. DF

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