25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2016

From true-crime recreations to the return of 'Game of Thrones,' here's what we can't wait to watch this year

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'Mr. Robot' Season 2 (Summer 2016)
USA Network6/25

'Mr. Robot' Season 2 (Summer 2016)

Sam Esmail's paranoiac hacker parable darkened the blue skies of the USA Network to wild acclaim, and its idiosyncratic cinematography and breakout lead performance from Rami Malek — a heartthrob for the heavily medicated — impressed no less than Mad Men's Matthew Weiner, who praised it effusively. But for its sophomore season, the show's will be operating with a high degree of difficulty: Can it maintain its tempo of delirious, disorienting revelations without getting lost in late-season Lost-style dead ends? Can the showrunner pull off directing every single episode himself, a more or less unprecedented feat? And can it weather the transition from word-of-mouth sleeper hit to one of the most eagerly anticipated shows of the year? There's only one way to find out. STC

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