25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2016

From true-crime recreations to the return of 'Game of Thrones,' here's what we can't wait to watch this year

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'Better Call Saul' Season 2 (February 15th)
Ursula Coyote/AMC22/25

'Better Call Saul' Season 2 (February 15th)

The first season of this Breaking Bad spin-off was a surprisingly restrained affair, replacing the tear-down-the-sky energy of its predecessor with a comparatively quiet character study of one Jimmy McGill, fledgling lawyer and born loser. Now that the tone is established, Breaking's overwhelming shadow is a bit more distant, and Bob Odenkirk’s ability to anchor a drama as a lead actor has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, Saul's okay-show-us-what-you've-got phase is over. It's intriguing to imagine where the series will go in its sophomore season, and what's going to happen to Jimmy, Mike Ehrmantraut and everyone else as they're set up for the moment that Walter White wanders into their lives. STC

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