25 Greatest 'Game of Thrones' Moments

As enhanced editions of George R.R. Martin's novels come to iBooks, we're celebrating the most unforgettable 'GoT' scenes

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Tyrion’s Drinking Game

18. Tyrion’s Drinking Game

Season 1, Episode 9: "Baelor"
Who says Game of Thrones can't be funny? In the words of Tyrion Lannister himself, "Look how much fun we're having!" By the time the Imp, his mercenary BFF Bronn, and his newfound sex-worker girlfriend Shae got loaded on the eve of his first big battle, Peter Dinklage's hedonist had already become one of the show's biggest stars. But this sequence was GoT at its emotionally wide-ranging best: The little Lion's interplay with Shae was sexy, his back-and-forth with Bronn was hilarious … and the story of his first marriage — destroyed by his father, who ordered the bride to be sexually assaulted for the impudence of wedding a Lannister— was heartbreakingly brutal.

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