25 Greatest 'Game of Thrones' Moments

As enhanced editions of George R.R. Martin's novels come to iBooks, we're celebrating the most unforgettable 'GoT' scenes

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Robb Stark Proclaimed 'King in the North'

23. Robb Stark Proclaimed 'King in the North'

Season 1, Episode 10: "Fire and Blood"
The key moment to watch here isn't when the Northern lords – who've helped Ned Stark's son Robb defeat a Lannister army following his dad's murder – declare this teen warlord their new monarch. It's when those lords' soldiers, drawn from their tents by the raucous chants of "THE KING IN THE NORTH!", stare toward the noise with obvious unease. It's all well and good for the rich and powerful to rebel against the Iron Throne, but it's the common soldier who will do the bulk of the killing and dying. It's a rare, but key moment of Game of Thrones focusing as much on the pawns as it does on the power players.

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