25 Greatest 'Game of Thrones' Moments

As enhanced editions of George R.R. Martin's novels come to iBooks, we're celebrating the most unforgettable 'GoT' scenes

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Jaime Lannister's Hot Tub Confession

12. Jaime Lannister's Hot Tub Confession

Season 3, Episode 5: "Kissed by Fire"
TV has seen its share of odd couples before – but Felix Unger and Oscar Madison never bathed nude together (that we know of). There's much more to the steam bath shared by maimed, disgraced kingsguard Jaime Lannister and his enemy-turned-wary-ally Brienne of Tarth than meets the eye, even though plenty meets the eye. Worn down by his wounding and his constant battle of words with the warrior woman, the captive lets his guard down, revealing the true story of why he became the Kingslayer: He slew the mad regent Aerys Targaryen to stop him from burning King's Landing to the ground. In the end, the exhausted knight collapses in the Maid of Tarth's arms, asking only that she call him by his real name. It's a moving moment that shows a softer and more heroic side of a previously loathsome character.

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