25 Best TV Shows of 2015

From female superheroines to cyberpunk hackers, the year's small-screen highpoints

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8. 'Veep' (HBO)

"You are the worst thing to happen to this country since food in buckets. And maybe slavery." Now that she's President, Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Selina Meyer has never been more heartless, and neither has Veep, cranking up the spite to warp speed with new MVP Patton Oswalt as a crotch-grabbing staffer. And Timothy Simons as poor Jonah, a.k.a "Johnny Titballs," "Benedict Come-In-His-Own-Hand," "Spewbacca" and "One Erection." The show will never ever top the bravura "Testimony," which might have more lies per minute than any sitcom episode ever — the perjury equivalent of a Neal Peart drum solo. (As usual, Kevin Dunn gets the best line: "If I had children, which actually I do, this bill would be my baby.") Since Armando Iannucci ended his final season with that Election Night cliffhanger, nobody can say what's next for the Selina presidency. But please, four more years.

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