25 Best 'Mad Men' Musical Moments

From Sinatra to Stones, Bowie to 'Zou Bisou Bisou' — the show's choicest song selections

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The Tornados, 'Telstar' (Season 2, Episode 10)

One of the central conflicts of Mad Men has been how its characters deal with the rapidly changing decade in which they live. Often, the musical choices reflect that, or at least nod to it — in this case, the Telstar satellite launch of 1962, which inspired this song by British band The Tornados. Pete and Don are on their way to an aerospace convention, and the tune begins playing as Don stares out the plane's window. And while it signals the future in an obvious way — the space race and changing technologies — it's also a nod to Don, seeking a new future in Los Angeles as his relationship with Betty is falling apart. (It's a theme that would be repeated throughout the series.)

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