25 Best 'Mad Men' Musical Moments

From Sinatra to Stones, Bowie to 'Zou Bisou Bisou' — the show's choicest song selections

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Judy Collins, 'Both Sides, Now' (Season 6, Episode 12)

Joni Mitchell's elegiac rumination on lost youth and disillusionment is especially appropriate at the end of the sixth season. Don, unmoored and shaking from DTs, unloads about his tragic past in a meeting with Hershey rather than selling another lie. His honesty costs him his job, but it's so freeing for him that he's willing to open up about his past with his family. Don takes his kids on a cheery Thanksgiving jaunt to see the whorehouse where he grew up, revealing at least a part of his true self. His whole life has been an illusion, but maybe — like Mitchell — he's willing to admit it, and look at the facade from both sides. 

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