25 Best Horror TV Shows of All Time

From gourmet serial killers to vampire slayers, the greatest small-screen landmarks featuring scariest monsters and superfreaks

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1. 'Twin Peaks' (1990-1991)

"Who killed Laura Palmer?" It was the driving question behind David Lynch and Mark Frost's small-town murder masterpiece, but the answer was never going to be a matter of a simple whodunit. Laura's death, like her life, concealed an ocean of evil beneath the surface — specifically, a group of terrifying supernatural entities hailing from another place called the Black Lodge. They were personified by a being called Bob: Played by set dresser turned actor Frank Silva, this cackling, shrieking demon's long gray hair and denim jacket gave him the appearance of a metalhead crank dealer — the sight of him crawling through the Haywards' living room toward the camera is the single scariest scene ever shown on television. (Try not to cringe away from your screen as you watch it. You can't.) But through all the surreal, red-curtained quirkiness, Lynch and Frost never lost sight of the human suffering at the heart of the horror. It's what continues to make Twin Peaks the all-time television terror champion.

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