25 Best Horror TV Shows of All Time

From gourmet serial killers to vampire slayers, the greatest small-screen landmarks featuring scariest monsters and superfreaks

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4. 'The X-Files' (1993-2002)

"The Truth Is Out There"— the truth being that Chris Carter's sprawling science-fiction conspiracy thriller was also crackerjack horror television. In between "mythology" episodes that chronicled FBI Agents Mulder & Scully's journey through a maze of government and extraterrestrial shenanigans, The X-Files frequently stopped to scare the pants off its viewers. From the Arctic isolation of its first-season standout "Ice" to the still-controversial, Texas Chainsaw Massacre–referencing inbreeding freak-out "Home," the show's best creepy, skin-crawling episodes have lost none of its power to disturb all these years later.

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