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5. Jessica Williams (2012-Present)

Given the way the Senior Youth Correspondent and Senior Beyoncé Correspondent has become such a key part of the Daily Show's comedy commando squad, it's tough to imagine she’s only been on the show for a few years. But the former Nickelodeon star has not only taken on touchy subjects like stop-and-frisk procedures and the depressing double standards behind Florida's Stand Your Ground law (complete with the show’s greatest mic drop moment), she's done so with an attack that can go from faux-daffy to blistering in a heartbeat. There are fewer better examples of the fine line between funny and fuck-you fury on TDS than her "Claps and Catcalls" bit about everyday sexual harassment: Williams starts by broadly mocking a "classy" Fox commentator and ends with her staring into the camera as she lets dickheads known that "getting the horny clap of approval does not make my day, it actually creeps me out." The fact that she's sticking around the Daily Show ensures we will be as well. DF