25 Best 'Daily Show' Correspondents

From Colbert to Carell, John Oliver to John Hodgman, nobody helped Jon Stewart report the fake news better

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1. Stephen Colbert (1997-2005)

Bridging the Kilborn and Stewart years, Colbert set the highest of bars for all future TDS correspondents with his square-jawed sanctimony and cable-news bluster, equal parts Stone Phillips and Bill O'Reilly — an approach he would crystalize and turn into a genius piece of performance art on The Colbert Report. (He's credited Stewart for politicizing him as a comedian, yet another thing with have to thank the departing Daily Show host for.) Granted, that exterior would crack a bit on his This Week in God segment, a profound equal-opportunity offender which dared to take on Islam, Scientology, and more. But at his best — like, for example, his coverage of the 2004 Republican convention, or his "Even Stephven" point-counterpoint segments with Carell — Colbert helped firmly establish the show as the go-to place for poking fun at American politics and the media's coverage of it. And that's the truthiness. SC

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