25 Best 'Daily Show' Correspondents

From Colbert to Carell, John Oliver to John Hodgman, nobody helped Jon Stewart report the fake news better

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8. Ed Helms (2002-2006)

Before he was getting his face tattooed in Hangover movies and helping The Office transition to a Carell-less existence, Helms was reporting on benign-mole removal, New Jersey's gas station issues and eagle overpopulation for the show with an attitude that was part aw-shucks Southern kid and part preppy a-hole. He once told New York magazine that those interview segments were "tough emotionally, because you're having interactions with people that are very literally uncomfortable." Yet the comedian seemed to thrive in bits that pushed that uncomfortableness to the extreme, especially his jaw-dropping, Jackass-style 2004 segment about gun ownership. It ends with Helms chugging whiskey at a firing range and risking serious bodily harm at an Arizona biker bar. You'll swear you're watching a snuff film in the making. DF

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