2017 Golden Globes: 20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments

From that 'La La Land' opening parody to Meryl Streep's Trump-burn speech, the highlights and low points of last night's buzzed awards show

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Worst: Tom Hiddleston Goes the Humblebrag Route
Paul Drinkwater/NBC20/20

Worst: Tom Hiddleston Goes the Humblebrag Route

The crowd shots said it all. Christian Slater's creased brow seems to be asking, Where's he going with this? Because surely Tom Hiddleston is not saying that The Night Manager improved the life of people in South Sudan. Oh, no, wait. That's exactly what he's saying. And he's big-upping his own charity work in the process. Everything about this speech chafed. You can use the airtime to call attention to a beloved and worthy cause. You can express pride in the project you won the award for. But to link the two, as if making art that makes the world more bearable approximates the hard work of improving people's circumstances? That's a Grade-A Hiddlestumble.

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