2017 Golden Globes: 20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments

From that 'La La Land' opening parody to Meryl Streep's Trump-burn speech, the highlights and low points of last night's buzzed awards show

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Worst: Jokes About How Sofia Vergara Can't Speak English
Paul Drinkwater/NBC10/20

Worst: Jokes About How Sofia Vergara Can't Speak English

Let's clear this up once and for all: Sofia Vergara's English is perfect. Her accent is lovely. She can pronounce the word "annual." So trotting her out at award ceremonies to bungle words is at best lazy and at worst offensive. This is a particularly surprising shtick coming from a ceremony put on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – and particularly unsavory in our current climate, when the President-elect and his cabinet nominations effectively condone and encourage xenophobia. Maybe that's too much to put on an anal joke, but then again: An anal joke?!? Grow up, writers. Also: Casting Goldie Hawn as a dinosaur wasn't much better, but at least Amy Schumer (her costar in the upcoming comedy Snatched) played it off with a convincing amount of mother-daughter awkwardness. Older women can read, Colombian-American actresses can speak/be understood, and we could all benefit from some fresher material.

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