2017 Golden Globes: 20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments

From that 'La La Land' opening parody to Meryl Streep's Trump-burn speech, the highlights and low points of last night's buzzed awards show

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Worst: Jimmy Fallon's Hosting Job Overall
Paul Drinkwater/NBC2/20

Worst: Jimmy Fallon's Hosting Job Overall

Alas, the good feeling generated by the opening number couldn't last forever. From the moment the ceremony itself began with a teleprompter breaking down, Fallon's tone for the evening – nervous, clumsy, and not particularly witty – was set. The Tonight Show host's "aw shucks, look at how affable I am, you guys!" schtick felt even schtickier, with some truly head-scratching bits; the world never needed a Cypress Hill-aping bit about Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne, but here we are. Throw in some truly offensive impressions – we can only imagine Chris Rock's WTF face after that impression – a generally awkward vibe, and his ill-advised Trump jokes (we still remember the hair-ruffling incident, Jimmy), and you've got a Globes host who was at best unmemorable, and at worst painfully unfunny.

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