2017 Golden Globes: 20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments

From that 'La La Land' opening parody to Meryl Streep's Trump-burn speech, the highlights and low points of last night's buzzed awards show

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Worst: 'Hidden Fences'
Paul Drinkwater/NBC12/20

Worst: 'Hidden Fences'

It was bad enough when, during the pre-show festivities, NBC talking head Jenna Bush Hager referred to the space-race drama Hidden Figures as "Hidden Fences." But then it happened again during the awards themselves, with Michael Keaton flubbing the film's title while announcing Octavia Spencer's Best Supporting Actress nomination for the film. (That people were inexplicably mashing up two of the nominated films that feature predominantly Black starring casts was adding insult to injury.) Was it a teleprompter snafu? The power of suggestibility? Whatever it was, we know this: Once is a mistake, but twice is near unforgivable.

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