2017 Golden Globes: 20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments

From that 'La La Land' opening parody to Meryl Streep's Trump-burn speech, the highlights and low points of last night's buzzed awards show

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Worst: Billy Bob Thornton's WTF Inside Joke
Paul Drinkwater/NBC6/20

Worst: Billy Bob Thornton's WTF Inside Joke

Listen, we love a good Van Johnson joke as much as the next person, but we're still scratching our heads over this one. The Goliath star's friendly jab at fellow Best Performance in a Television Series nominee Bob Odenkirk was enigmatic, to say the least. (We assume it was friendly; it's hard to know for sure.) Thornton thanked the HFPA for giving him the gild over the Better Call Saul lead because of a long-running feud that dates back to an alleged 1940s tough-guy movie they did together. That, of course, was the joke – but it doesn't appear anyone got it, least of all Odenkirk, who gamely laughed while mouthing the word “What?” Being an oddball is hardly a crime, and Thornton closed with a thoughtful dedication to a recently departed Goliath PA ... so it may be unfair to declare this speech among the worst. That said, it definitely takes the cake for the night's big WTF moment.

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