20 TV Shows Most Influenced by 'Twin Peaks'

From surreal murder mysteries and quirky small-town sitcoms to 'The X-Files' – these series owe David Lynch's cult show a serious debt

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'Wayward Pines'

A U.S. Secret Service agent (Matt Dillon) sets out to investigate the deaths of two fellow agents in a remote Northwestern town where everyone acts superficially nice. It appears, however, that the residents of Wayward Pines, Idaho all have something to hide – not unlike the denizens of another quaint little locale a quarter century before them. (Even the title sounds vaguely Peaks-ish.) Based on novels by Blake Crouch, Fox's show revealed itself to be sci-fi–inflected show with a twist; not for nothing is M. Night Shyamalan credited as a producer. Still, the Wholeseome-Town-USA-with-a-secret vibe? Pure Lynch. KG

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