20 TV Shows Most Influenced by 'Twin Peaks'

From surreal murder mysteries and quirky small-town sitcoms to 'The X-Files' – these series owe David Lynch's cult show a serious debt

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J.J. Abrams's genre-bending adventure/soap/whatsit brought weird mysteries to the mainstream, but it never could have gone as far down the side roads it did if Twin Peaks hadn't paved the way. Lost initially seemed to be a character-driven survival drama about plane crash survivors stranded on a desert island. And then the story got far strange. Very strange. By the end of its six seasons, the series had incorporated elements of sci-fi, supernatural and the psycho-spiritual, with characters ranging from jittery physicists and charismatic cult leaders to, well, polar bears and Smoke Monsters. Much like Twin Peaks, the show raised many more questions than it ever took the trouble to answer. Luckily, we kind of loved basking in the confusion. JS

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