20 Most Savage 'SNL' Political Impersonations

From a vintage "Klutz-in-Chief" to Tea Party icons and a certain thin-skinned POTUS, these were the show's sharpest politico parodies

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Janet Reno (Will Farrell)

Why have the Attorney General host a teen dance show? Maybe the better question is, "Why not?" Ferrell played as her an unstoppable – and very butch – force of nature; his interpretation suggests that she's basically a Sherman tank let loose in the Beltway. But in the fictional world established by this recurring sketch, Reno wasn't any less intelligent or capable just because she loved to boogie, and the notion never undermined her role as Attorney General. (If anything, it may have oddly bolstered it.) What might have started as a silly excuse to get Ferrell into a dress and jerk his body around ended up becoming a somewhat affectionate tribute to a lady that got shit done. Bonus: Reno herself gave his alpha-female counterpart her blessing.

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