20 Most Savage 'SNL' Political Impersonations

From a vintage "Klutz-in-Chief" to Tea Party icons and a certain thin-skinned POTUS, these were the show's sharpest politico parodies

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Hilary Clinton (Kate McKinnon)

With all due respect to Ana Gasteyer and Amy Poehler, McKinnon has assumed the mantle of the quintessential SNL Hillary portrayal at this point. A lot of it has to do with timing: Playing the woman who had a major shot at being the first female POTUS now adds gravitas and immediacy that the other two simply can't match. But it was McKinnon's fearless way of putting Mrs. Clinton's raging ambition, empathy problems and attitude that this was her divine destiny ("Why won't the people just let me lead," she moans at one point. "Just give me the hammer and the nails and I'll fix it all!") front and center that made her the perfect Hilary circa 2016. She played her in full boss-campaigner mode – even when she memorably bent an elbow with "Val," a.k.a. the real deal.

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