20 Most Savage 'SNL' Political Impersonations

From a vintage "Klutz-in-Chief" to Tea Party icons and a certain thin-skinned POTUS, these were the show's sharpest politico parodies

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David Paterson (Fred Armisen)

Both offensive and giggle-inducing at the same time, Armisen's take on the New York Governor recast him as a Catskills comic with a mischievous (and inexplicably mean) attitude towards New Jersey. His shortcomings as a political figure were skewered in his "Weekend Update" appearances; the comedian's constant riffing on the fact that the politician was legally blind, however, often skirted the boundaries of good taste. Seth Meyers deserves a shout out for his assists with every one of these bits – his onscreen shock mirrored that of the audience, and often kept the entire thing from outright bombing. But this was all Armisen's impersonation, the good, bad and ugly of it. He sold the gruff Governor's Garden State animosity and shock-jock sense of humor like a champ.

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