20 Best, Worst and WTF Things We Saw at Emmys 2017

From Stephen Colbert getting political to Sean Spicer getting a podium – the highlights, low points and headscratchers from last night's Emmys

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Worst: That Overenthusiastic Announcer
Christy Radecic/Invision/AP4/20

Worst: That Overenthusiastic Announcer

If you haven't heard of CBS's series Superior Donuts before last night, we don't blame you – the series, based on a Tracy Letts play and starring Judd Hirsch, hasn't exactly captured the zeitgeist. But its young star, stand-up comedian Jermaine Fowler, was tapped as the show's announcer in an attempt to give the broadcast a bit more pep (plus, Tiffany Newtwork synergy!) and, well ... it could've gone a little better, to be honest. In some cases, his enthusiasm was charming – he freaked out when Donald Glover won for Atlanta, and rightfully so! – but his jokey ad-libbing ended up being way more grating than anything else. Sometimes, there's something to be said for sticking to a script. AP  

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