20 Best, Worst and WTF Things We Saw at Emmys 2017

From Stephen Colbert getting political to Sean Spicer getting a podium – the highlights, low points and headscratchers from last night's Emmys

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Best: The Tasteful 'In Memoriam' Segment
Lester Cohen/WireImage17/20

Best: The Tasteful 'In Memoriam' Segment

Almost everything about the Emmys tribute to the celebs who've recently passed away was extremely classy and well done. (We'll get to that almost in a second.) The producers tapped theater heavyweight Christopher Jackson, best known for playing George Washington in Hamilton, to sing Stevie Wonder's "As" while the memorial – to stars like Mary Tyler Moore, John Heard, Florence Henderso, and Jerry Lewis – played in the background. It ended with a clip of the final moments of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, in which the star, who passed away in January, turns out the lights of the WJM-TV newsroom, and exits. It was simple and poignant, which is the best you can hope for. AP

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