20 Best, Worst and WTF Things We Saw at 2015 Emmy Awards

From Andy Samberg's musical opening to presenter do's and don'ts, the cream and crud of last night's show

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Worst: Jimmy Kimmel's Long, Long Introduction
Lester Cohen/WireImage13/20

Worst: Jimmy Kimmel's Long, Long Introduction

Kimmel's bit about the power wielded by the announcer who reads the winner's name dredged up those nasty Marisa Tomei rumors of yore. It was fine, if a little arrogant, to peek beforehand — he really committed to chewing that paper and for not literally gagging on his own gag he deserves some respect. But when it came time to actually announce the winner, he started feeling himself. His quip about a woman never being nominated for the award came off like a bungled Transparent joke and by the time he said Jeffrey Tambor's name, the moment had been so belabored that he sounded almost flippant. When the band is already chomping at the bit to play people off the stage, eating up airtime with self-centered delays is downright rude. PR

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