20 Best, Worst and WTF Things We Saw at 2015 Emmy Awards

From Andy Samberg's musical opening to presenter do's and don'ts, the cream and crud of last night's show

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Worst: Bad Presenter Chemistry
Kevin Winter/Getty Images18/20

Worst: Bad Presenter Chemistry

Did Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard forgot a punch line somewhere backstage? Were Maggie Gyllenhaal and Live Shrieber sedated, or do they just dislike each other? Does Emma Roberts dislike everyone, and if not, why did she stare icily at the audience while Jamie Lee Curtis grasped for material? Maybe it's preferable to go it alone. John Oliver's contention that the limited-series category was just "an elaborate way to exclude Jeopardy!" left us agreeing that Alex Trebek does have a passive-aggressive tone while Tina Fey’s twist on generic introductions included such fictional characters as, "a baby who made a wish to be an alcoholic president." Who didn't laugh at that? (Emma Roberts, probably.) PR

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