20 Best, Worst and WTF Things We Saw at 2015 Emmy Awards

From Andy Samberg's musical opening to presenter do's and don'ts, the cream and crud of last night's show

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Best: Ol' 'Smokey Eye' Schumer
Kevin Winter/Getty Images4/20

Best: Ol' 'Smokey Eye' Schumer

Thanking both her sister Kim for keeping her alive and the girl who gave her "this, like, smoky eye" is classic Amy Schumer, though she won't be able to believably pull off the flustered-by-her-success shtick for much longer. It's been a banner year for the comedian, what with Trainwreck and befriending Jennifer Lawrence as well as every other cool woman, and just being so ubiquitous that her humor is never out of earshot. This was a strong category full of deserving candidates, but the late-night landscape is still dominated by white dudes playing duck-duck-goose, so good on the Academy for recognizing one of the two programs here that showcase some diversity. PR

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