20 Best, Worst and WTF Moments at Golden Globes 2016

From Ricky Gervais' scorched-earth hosting to surprise upsets, the high and lows of last night's award's show

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Best: Rise of the TV Upstarts
Paul Drinkwater/NBC20/20

Best: Rise of the TV Upstarts

Time was, the TV shows that took most of the nominations (and awards) were on the Big Three networks: ABC, CBS, or NBC. That trend has been reversing for a while now, but the 2015 Globes featured few shows from any of those networks. (As Gervais noted, NBC was shut out entirely — kind of embarrassing, considering the ceremony appeared on the network.) In fact, streaming services like Amazon Video (Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent) and Netflix (House of Cards, Master of None, Orange Is the New Black) dominated, while cable networks like USA (Mr. Robot) and the CW (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) came through with big wins of their own. Does this mean network television is dead? Not quite, but it may want to step up its game.