20 Best, Worst and WTF Moments at Golden Globes 2016

From Ricky Gervais' scorched-earth hosting to surprise upsets, the high and lows of last night's award's show

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Best: Jamie Foxx's Sharp 'Compton' Joke
Paul Drinkwater/NBC6/20

Best: Jamie Foxx's Sharp 'Compton' Joke

We'd describe most of the presenters' attitudes last night as somewhere between "bored" and "heavily medicated," but Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx used his time at the mic to fire a few shots across the bow. While reading the award for Best Original Score, Foxx first announced that Straight Outta Compton was the winner, then backpedaled with an "I'm sorry, folks, I made a mistake" — a double whammy that called out both Compton's snub and Steve Harvey's screw-up at the Miss Universe Pageant last month. But the cherry on top was when Foxx returned to the mic after Quentin Tarantino accepted the statuette on behalf of Ennio Morricone to quietly mock the Hateful Eight director's use of the word "ghetto."

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