20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments of Golden Globes 2018

From Seth Meyers putting abusers on blast to that historic Oprah speech – the highlights (and low points) of this year's politically charged broadcast

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Worst: That Stiff Presenter Patter
Paul Drinkwater/Getty2/20

Worst: That Stiff Presenter Patter

It's not an easy time to be funny – and many of last night's presenters really drove that point home by making the audience feel like they were witnessing a terrible first date. Garrett Hedlund and Kerry Washington attempted a baffling bit in which the joke was that actors are … sometimes very dramatic. Roseanne Barr and John Goodman chased the same punchline and met with only slightly more success. With a few rare exceptions, there was a surprising lack of chemistry, as evidenced by blank stares, missed cues and ever so subtle elbows; eventually the celebs went straight to the nominees. Meanwhile, reliable charmers like Neil Patrick Harris and Emma Stone were M.I.A. up on stage. You know things are bad when a winning combination like Amy Poehler and Andy Samberg wrap up their own clumsy banter by saying, "What are ya gonna do? It's a weird year." PR

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