20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments of Golden Globes 2018

From Seth Meyers putting abusers on blast to that historic Oprah speech – the highlights (and low points) of this year's politically charged broadcast

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Worst: Alexander Skarsgard's Big Little Missed Opportunity
Paul Drinkwater/Getty10/20

Worst: Alexander Skarsgard's Big Little Missed Opportunity

In Big Little Lies, Skarsgard gives a great performance as a terrible human: violent, controlling, abusive. His Best Supporting Actor in a TV Miniseries acceptance speech started out big-upping his formidable female costars, whom he seemed genuinely in awe of ... before getting momentarily tongue-tied and referring to them as "girls." Okay, that's definitely a diminutive term for veterans like Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, but hey, accidents happen. The real disappointment, however, was that the actor didn't take the opportunity to urge men to take more responsibility for the very real danger that women face every day at the hands of men like his character (i.e. Harvey Weinstein). It would have been great to see him use that win to nod to some of the same issues that his BLL colleagues did. PR

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