20 Best, Worst and Most WTF Moments of Golden Globes 2018

From Seth Meyers putting abusers on blast to that historic Oprah speech – the highlights (and low points) of this year's politically charged broadcast

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Best: The Powerful Effect of the All-Black Attire
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Best: The Powerful Effect of the All-Black Attire

Despite attempts in recent years to improve the conversation around award shows, such as the #AskHerMore campaign, these events tend to remain an extravagant, candy-colored parade of beautiful people in stunning costume. By contrast, the Golden Globes' sea of black dresses and tuxes, while not exactly funereal, had a sobering effect. It was an acknowledgment of those who've suffered losses personally and professionally in a culture of silence that protected the industry's worst abusers, and also a powerful statement of intent to be seen as more than sex objects. Last night's ceremony was hardly fun – even Aziz Ansari, who somehow managed to lighten the mood of Inauguration weekend when he hosted SNL last year, was uncharacteristically muted. But at the same time the atmosphere felt appropriate, and even forced the question: What is all the hoopla about? This year, at least, it was about fighting back. PR

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