20 Best TV Spin-Offs

From Mork to Maude, these were the shows that proved the second time's a charm

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16. 'The Facts of Life'

It doesn't get better than Mrs. "G." Edna Garrett tended to the needs of the Drummond family in the first two seasons of of Diff’rent Strokes; then Charlotte Rae's housekeeper left Park Avenue for Peekskill, NY, to tend to the needs of students at an uppity all-girls boarding school. The Facts of Life practically offered a template for adolescent female types (where you a Tootie or a Blair? A Jo or a Natalie) while confronting various issues of adolescence and being one of the first TV shows to feature a character (and actress) with cerebral palsy. By the time Miss Garrett opened Edna’s Edibles in Season Five, you could feel the writers straining to come up with new ways to keep everyone together, though the show would get a slight boost in its last two years thanks to an additional cast member: a young actor named George Clooney. CC

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