20 Best TV Spin-Offs

From Mork to Maude, these were the shows that proved the second time's a charm

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8. 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'

To boldly go where one beloved cult series had gone before: Over two decades after the original Star Trek series died a premature death (and had proven its pop-cultural worth with endless conventions and movies), creator Gene Rodenberry decided to return the franchise to the small screen. The syndicated show may have had a new USS Enterprise, a new captain (Patrick Stewart's indomitable Jean-Luc Picard) and crew, and new villains to battle (the Borg). But TNG, as it was called by fans, had the same wonderfully cosmic-pulpy feel of the original, and helped kick off a slew of other Trek-related series that kept the property as fresh as a Romulan daisy. DF

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