20 Best TV Spin-Offs

From Mork to Maude, these were the shows that proved the second time's a charm

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13. 'Daria'

It boggles the mind that one of animated television's smartest, funniest, most cutting female characters started life as a foil for two numbskull kids with a penchant for vandalism and frog baseball. It didn't take long, however, for Beavis and Butt-head's producers to realize that they had a potential breakout star in this deadpan putdown artist. And as voiced by Tracy Grandstaff, Daria became an idol to a certain disaffected, too-cool-for-school Nineties type, who saw themselves in the bespectacled teen and her partner in contempt, Jane Lane. We're still praying that the joke trailer for a movie version starring Aubrey Plaza will one day become a reality. DF

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