20 Best TV Shows of 2017

From mind-blowing sitcoms to fire-breathing dragons, the return of 'Twin Peaks' to 'Rick & Morty' – Rob Sheffield on the hightlights of our TV year

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2. 'The Young Pope' (HBO)

There isn't a single moment in The Young Pope that's not flamboyantly demented – but that might be exactly why it's perfect for 2017. Jude Law chews up the role of a lifetime as Pope Pius the Thirteenth, in a Vatican political thriller that doubles as a tour of kinky Catholic nightmares. This Pontiff is a Brooklyn guy who struts like a rock star – he's got psycho eyes, white robes and a nasty habit of yelling at Vatican underlings for not knowing who Daft Punk are. "I don't want any more part-time believers!" he rants to his Cardinals. "I want great love stories! I want fanatics for God!" He's a complicated man, and nobody understands him but his pet kangaroo. (Except maybe also Diane Keaton, wonderful as a mobbed-up nun.) Italian auteur Paolo Sorrentino makes this the most stylish and playful thing to hit TV all year – and Jude Law has the right edge of bitterness to play this beautifully fucked-up villain of a pope. Let us pray.

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