20 Best TV Shows of 2017

From mind-blowing sitcoms to fire-breathing dragons, the return of 'Twin Peaks' to 'Rick & Morty' – Rob Sheffield on the hightlights of our TV year

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7. 'Rick and Morty' (Adult Swim)

The final frontier of the all-American dysfunctional family: a mad professor and his dimwit grandson explore the outer limits of the universe and travel through space and time, just because anything beats going home. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's mind-warp sci-fi cartoon took a huge leap this year, to the point where a crucial part of being a Rick and Morty fan is complaining about Rick and Morty fans. Our heroes visit dystopian places like the Citadel, as well as conspiracy hot spots like the Kennedy Sex Tunnels, the Truman Cocaine Lounge, the McKinley Hooker Dump and the Lincoln Slave Colosseum ("He didn't free them all"). But no matter how out there the Adult Swim series gets, there's always that bleak emotional core – for these two misfits, any world they're welcome to is better than another minute with the family.

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