20 Best TV Shows of 2017

From mind-blowing sitcoms to fire-breathing dragons, the return of 'Twin Peaks' to 'Rick & Morty' – Rob Sheffield on the hightlights of our TV year

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8. 'Insecure' (HBO)

Issa Rae's HBO show blew up big and managed to turn into the year's most groundbreaking and provocative rom-com – a guided tour of modern sexual disasters, according to Issa Rae. She emerges from her long-running (and long-collapsing) relationship with Lawrence, the guy who spent most of the first season on her couch. Now Issa goes to her BFF Molly for dating lessons ("Can you teach me to ho?"), trying out the single life, waking up in strange places, occasionally landing back in her ex's arms. Mostly, we watch her venture into new emotional territory as she develops a stable of willing bedmates to go into her regular "notation." and argues with her girlfriends about which one is the Michelle Williams in their Destiny's Child threesome. Through all her stumbles, Insecure keeps coasting on its creator's vulnerable yet ineffable charm.

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