20 Best TV Shows of 2015 So Far

From hip-hop soap operas to stoner comedies and spy dramas, it's been a great half-year

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'Veep' (HBO)

2. 'Veep' (HBO)

"I'm used to dealing with angry, aggressive, dysfunctional men — i.e., men." Welcome to the Oval Office, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Now that Selina Meyers has bumbled into the Presidency, she is officially "the worst thing to happen to this country since food in buckets, and maybe slavery." But the further Veep ventures from mere political satire, the funnier it gets — at this point, it's only about D.C. insofar as D.C. is where the horriblest of horrible people happen to work. Profoundly nihilistic, spewing venom so fast it makes other comedies look a little snoozy, constantly throwing more characters into the mix yet always raising its game as a result, the show keeps buzzing with betrayals ("I'm telling the Nazis that she's hiding in the attic" is the new "throwing her under the bus") and inventive profanity ("Why would you do that the fuck for?"). And, of course, Patton Oswalt grabbing the testes of the eminently loathsome Jonah, a.k.a. Johnny Titballs.

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