20 Best TV Shows of 2015 So Far

From hip-hop soap operas to stoner comedies and spy dramas, it's been a great half-year

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'Orange Is the New Black' (Netflix)

7. 'Orange Is the New Black' (Netflix)

Prison etiquette tip #1: When you are visiting someone in jail, please do not taunt them with anecdotes about the excellent Phish show you just saw. ("Second row! I could practically smell Trey Anastasio's B.O.!") Prison etiquette tip #2: Don't be Piper, because ugh, although she's slightly more bearable with Laura Prepon back around. Orange Is the New Black remains a marvel: so many stories to tell, and so many unstoppable actresses to tell them. Characters we thought we already knew and loved take on new dimensions, as in Poussey's deeply moving response to Crazy Eyes' erotic saga, The Time Hump Chronicles. Boo gets the funniest bon mot, reviewing the prison food: "If you took a shit, then your shit took a shit and became mayor of Detroit, it still wouldn't come close to the shittiness of that food." But Taystee gets the most moving line: "I done seen enough dead to know alive."

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