20 Best TV Shows of 2015 So Far

From hip-hop soap operas to stoner comedies and spy dramas, it's been a great half-year

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'Better Call Saul' (AMC)
Ursula Coyote/AMC8/20

8. 'Better Call Saul' (AMC)

Welcome to this year's "What the hell went right?" story. Better Call Saul was so much better than it had to be, and so much better than expected — a comic desert noir that didn't depend at all on Breaking Bad for context or drama. Bob Odenkirk is a virtuoso when it comes to sweating — that man's pores are as eloquent as tiny little violins, with each drop of despair-scented perspiration another piece of Jimmy McGill's transformation from corrupt small-time lawyer to slightly-less-broke corrupt small-time lawyer. And the "Five-O" episode was a showcase for another Breaking Bad character everybody always wanted more of: Jonathan Banks' glowering tough guy Mike Erhmantraut. We already know where these two crooks are going to end up, but it's still painful seeing how they get there.

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