20 Best TV Moments of 2014

From a 'Broad City' birthday to a clone dance party, these were the small-screen scenes that shocked us, shook us and cracked us up in a big way

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12. 'You're The Worst': Keep Love Alive

"We should celebrate. We found someone who is equally dead inside." Now that's modern romance to believe in. You're the Worst is the realest rom-com in the universe, unless Broad City qualifies. Aya Cash and Chris Geere play a couple of "I don't do feelings" people who fall into bed and then start doing feelings, though hardly ever the same feeling at the same time. Gretchen and Jimmy might be faintly horrible humans, but that doesn't mean they don't earn their moments of empathy. ("I know what will cheer you up — we can do it backwards while you watch foot-fetish anime." Keeper!) The second season can't come fast enough, unlike Jimmy at a three-way. And remember, like Grandma used to say: It's only a walk of shame if you're capable of feeling shame.

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