20 Best TV Moments of 2014

From a 'Broad City' birthday to a clone dance party, these were the small-screen scenes that shocked us, shook us and cracked us up in a big way

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14. 'Transparent': Back to the Nineties

Jill Soloway's bittersweet, eminently binge-worthy comedy became 2014's word-of-mouth sensation — once you dip in for one episode, your whole weekend is shot. Jeffrey Tambor shines as the seventy-something American dad making the transition from Mort to Maura, and dragging the deeply dysfunctional Pfefferman family along for the ride. It's that rarest of specimens, a genuinely funny show about old people, which means (among other things) jokes about lugging around your ugly memories and sharing them with people you dislike. So the odd emotional highlight came with an episode flashing back to 1994, "Best New Girl." Mort spends a weekend retreat at cross-dressing camp, finally getting a chance to become Maura — only to find that none of Mort's or Maura's problems have gone away.

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