20 Best TV Moments of 2014

From a 'Broad City' birthday to a clone dance party, these were the small-screen scenes that shocked us, shook us and cracked us up in a big way

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2. 'Broad City': Abbi and Ilana Hit the Town

How did the rest of us function before we met these two ladies? Abbi and Ilana were the comedy rookies of the year, two Jewesses trying to make a buck, stoner soul-mates with a private language nobody else gets. ("Never mind about that umbrella idea — I forgot there's raincoats.") The weekly wait for Wednesday night was agony. Nine out of 10 episodes were genius (I hated the Hurricane Sandy one) but they saved the best for Abbi's 26th birthday, raising hell in a fancy restaurant. Ilana scratches her cleavage with a fork, Abbi jumps on the table, they get the busboy baked. It all ends with them cuddling in a hospital bed at 3 A.M., eating leftover chocolate cake while listening to the old man in the next bed shuffle off this mortal coil. (Hey, at least he didn't die alone.) That bed scene is the most moving two minutes of television that 2014 had to offer, a shocker of a joke that's also full of weird sadness and horror and affection — and cake. Plus Ilana gets to cross "be held in Abbi's arms" off her bucket list. A perfect Broad City moment — brutal, tender, hilarious. More, please.

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